In the past, water treatment programs designed to handle the problems that occur in cooling towers have been implemented on an often hap-hazard or partial solution basis. Chlorine has been the specified biocide in cooling towers. Applied continuously at a residual of 0.2 to 0.4 ppms it will provide some micro-bio control as long as water pH values are maintained. However, there still remains major problems to be considered when using chlorine as a biocide in cooling water systems. Problems are associated with heat, sunlight, dissipitation, evaporation and biological demand tend to render acceptable chlorine concentration ineffective.

The Aqua System eliminates the associated problems. The digital controllers release easily measurable disinfecting residuals that are not effected by Environmental impacts and pose no hazardous handling risks. The cooling tower industry now has a proven and viable environmentally friendly, and cost effective way to treat cooling tower water without these problems. The Aqua System will save significant amounts of money related to bio-fouling and yeast removal which cause extreme heat transfer inefficiency. This completely unique method of water treatment enables the end user to realize a quick payback (usually in two years) and control Legionella and other microorganisms including sulfate reducing bacteria.

All Aqua Systems are easy to operate and designed to deliver maximum performance without the "service intense" scenario which often plagues stationary engineers. The equipment is UL listed, for electrical safety, Certified by NSF International, for biocide efficacy, and registered with EPA.

With todays emphasis on the environment and conservation of energy, the cooling tower industry has been charged with cleaning itself up for the benefit of its own employees and for the safety of the public at large. The Aqua System for cooling tower water treatment is designed to meet those tasks head on and deliver the best technology today that tomorrow has to offer



Cisterns and holding tanks can grow algae and thats when the E,coli, Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria/pathogens start to grow. We have custom designed equipment to oxidize and ionize this water to not only keep the tank or tanks clean but also to kill the pathogens and bacteria that can be harmful to humans, animals and plants.   



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